Wednesday, December 9, 2015


                                          Winston Churchill

     It can be difficult to be in the Christmas spirit with all the goings on in the world.  There are so many that will have their Christmas harmed because of the terrible losses that an avowed enemy of those who follow the teachings of the Christ.  The thought of love and peace are so foreign to those who will not receive the joy that is freely given.
     The Christian in the Mideast and other countries have become again a persecuted and martyred people.  The very earliest Christian communities have been turned on by their neighbors and those who set in pews thinking that actually dying for your faith is a real possibility are having a hard time actually talking about it.
     It is so easy to go and set in a pew and hear about those from hundreds of years ago being martyred and being restless in the seat thinking of getting home and opening presents.  What would the fair weather Christian do when the sign of the Nazarene is painted on their door?  How would we all react when it is demanded that you deny your faith or suffer torture and death?
     We get so tied up in the political happenings and the everyday problems that we take for granted and think we are having a bad day.  Do we stop and just be thankful for what we have been given and the life we have?  Would we do so if it all had to be put on the line?
     I get up and see the sunrise over these hills and the problems seem like something out of a movie that can be turned off and just talked about down at the coffee shop.  Looking out the window and seeing the deer and birds gives a sense of well being.  Seeing things that most do not see in their everyday lives gives me pause to be thankful for everything that I have been give through no merit of my own.
     I was born in a country that was fought for and created by thoughtful and God fearing people.  It has paid the price for its existence by the blood of its sons and daughters time and again.  It has been torn apart and had growing pains.  I live in a state that is full of interesting people and so full of wonders that it cannot be all fit in a book.  But it's beauty is subtle and those speeding through it sometimes miss it.  Even those who live here sometimes miss the wonders of Kansas.
     We have people who actually care about their neighbor and do something when required to come to their aid.  If the story would make the news more the quiet kindness of our people would become matter of fact and mundane.  So it is only presented as one piece among all the negative just so the viewer would not just throw up their hands and turn off the bad news and negativness all together.
     For all the angst and anxiety that people deal with on a daily basis if we did not have a bit of redeeming news we would all become total skeptics.  So at least a couple times a year we are able to take refuge in the fact that a baby was born in a stable.  And thirty three years later was hung on a cross so we would have hope and peace.  For all the things that worry and upset us as people the only chance of Peace on Earth is within our hearts.
      As the hubris of the human specie grows to the point to think that it has the power to affect the weather and have power over nations and individuals we get to stop and realize that we don't.  That whatever drives the worries of people is not affected by themselves except when they accept that God is still in charge.  And however things end it will be on his terms and time line.
      So I would like to take this time to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  And this is my View From the Hills.

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