Monday, December 7, 2015



     I was asked by a friend who I hold in very high esteem, for her thoughtfulness, talent, and a quiet attitude of confidence, to not call POTUS Der Furher'.  I am rather sure that my political attitude and hers are quite different.  I have never made similarities or differences a required condition for friendship and respect.  I find that many of my friends who are on the liberal side of thought take my observations with a grain of salt.  I like to sit and learn from those I hold in esteem and profit from the diversified view points of others.
     You may notice that I will not say the name of our Commander in Chief in any of my stories.  My friend has an objection to my referring to him as Der Furher'.  I have this fault of saying things as I see and understand them.  I am so unimpressed with POTUS that if I were to say his name it would be in any number of derogatory names that others use.  I am told I have to support the office rather than the man.
     Of course Der Furher' was the name used for Adolf Hitler.  I am sure I would get the same objection if I used El Ducce.  As the leader of this country the office is suppose to be respected.  When I see our leader bow to a Saudi king, ignore the advisors that he appointed to deal with military matters, appoint a proven liar to be Secretary of State, appoint Attorney Generals that refuse to enforce the law I cannot respect what he does and stands for.
     For a country who was so delighted to show that the days of prejudice and repressed civil rights are over, we have seen a leader that has divided the nation worse than it has been for years.  I cannot respect a man for declaring that this nation is no longer a Christian nation.  When the very basis of our law and foundation of our country is based on Judeo Christian principles, and the guardian of our republic declares us not to be anymore, I cannot respect the man.
     When a leader allows his bureaucracy to circumvent the letter and intent of the law I cannot respect the man.  When the party he leads considers the other party as "the enemy" rather than the 'loyal opposition' I cannot respect that.  When the emphasis of the leader and the group is to destroy the Constitution that allows us as a people to live together peacefully and prevents the unwarranted suspension of our rights, I cannot respect that.
     When a leader threatens to use his phone and a pen to do what he deems is right and cannot even try to come to a solution for issues, I cannot respect that.  When a leader makes a treaty that allows the chief funder of terrorism to not only retrieve money but enables that country to achieve status as a nuclear power, I cannot respect that.
     When the man refuses to call ISIS what it calls its self, I cannot respect that.  When he cannot call radical Islamist terrorist by name, I cannot respect that.  When his definition of compromise is to do everything his way, I cannot respect that.
     Why I call him Der Furher' is that when I see his style of pronouncing what he considers to be his unimpeachable power and raises his chin in defiant superiority to the citizens and opponents, he reminds me of Hitler, Mussolini, and others that feel the power of his office and lord it.
     If you have read my positions in the past you will find that I hold the establishment of the Republican Party in the same disdain as the Democratic Party.  Those who have argument with me many times forget that fact.  I believe that politicians should be limited to two terms, one in office and the other in prison.
     I believed that there can be no rights or freedoms if you cannot be born.  That everyone has personal responsibility and at some point will be made to answer for what they do and believe in this life.  I believe that what a person does or believes should not be infringed if it does not affect the freedom and rights of the person next to them.  I believe that each person is born with a calling and that it is up to each to answer the call and live what should be a fruitful life.
     I believe that the United States should not be the policeman of the world but lead by example, and those who would kill or enslave us for their ideology should be defeated.  I believe that leaders should take office from local to national and believe and understand the oath of 'to protect and defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.'
      I believe that a leader who seeks to disarm the people that he serves and arms those who would attack us as not deserving respect.  I am also disappointed in an electorate that will not exercise it's responsibility to vote and allow those who have no right to dictate the vote.
      As a Representative Republic I abhor those who continue to call our system a Democracy.  Democracy is majority, or mob, rule.  Our Republic respects the rights of those not in the majority but cannot be railroaded by minority groups into abandoning the freedoms and guarantees that our system affords.
      As the attack in California shows that when political correctness and the threat from the Attorney General to prosecute hate speech is allowed to flourish, causes the neighbors that saw the activities of the bomb building factory to go unreported I cannot respect that.
      So to my friend I say I will try not to call Der Furher' Der Furher'.  But I cannot give him the respect that he has stripped from the office of President.  I cannot stop the sickening in my stomach when he ignores what is wrong in the world and pursues 'climate change'.  When an enemy tells us what they are doing and it is ignored by the President, I cannot respect that.
     I will respect our institutions and our leaders, including the press, when the rights of the citizen, country, and sovereignty are placed once again as how the United States of America opposes evil in the world.

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