Friday, December 4, 2015



     It is maddening when you do not even have to listen to someone to know how they are going to react to something tragic.  When I caught the news of what was happening in San Bernardino I knew that to get the real story it was going to take a lot of time and elimination.  Time to take in the happenings that you could see and the reports of officials, witnesses, and the cameras actually recording what was going on.
     Watching the reporting and the reactions of people who had no idea what was really going on was irritating because of the agenda that these people would immediately add to the narrative and use a bad situation for their own point of view and agenda.
     Der Furher' immediately started calling for gun control before any information was actually known yet.  Plus the fact that the incident was the result of climate change.
     PMSNBC gave an immediate report that there was no gunfire near the local Planned Parenthood office.
     CBS interviewing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pressed hard for a meeting with Der Furher about gun loop holes.
     Fox would quote other sources as to preliminary information and would not put it in the narrative until it could be confirmed by at least two sources.
     NBC I could not bring myself to watch because I am fighting a cold and my stomach just would not take the narrative that comes from them.
     Barbra Boxer Senator from California stated after the attack "that gun control works and California has proven that."
      Head of the Democratic party says that the NRA is responsible for the attack.
      Even after finding a bomb factory in the two Muslim attackers home, shoot out with an exchange of around 400 rounds of ammunition, 14 dead and 21 injured, the spokesmen and journalists (I use that term loosely) state that they are not sure it is not work place violence.
     Not knowing who the attackers were the CAIR group trotted out the brother in law and statements from the family at almost the same time the names were released to the public.
       Just take all these things change the names, location and you can quote the same people with the same statements without even listening.
      I just can't wait for Der Furher to have an international meeting about climate change in San Bernardino like he did in Paris.
     I am just curious that every time something terrible happens everyone that depends on the protection of the constitution become so eager for it to be thrown out.

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