Saturday, March 5, 2016


                                                     Mother Teresa

     Put yourself in the position of not being able to breath well and get so full of congestion that you are sent to the hospital.  I have had this experience and do not really enjoy being slowed down worse than I already am.  I had wonderful care in the hospital and they acted like the bother I caused them was no big thing.  But I was a problem.  I hate to bother anyone and when I feel bad I just want to be alone.
     I had time to catch up on some reading for my book and they were surprised that I did not keep the TV on all the time.  (I hate the needless drone if there is nothing interesting on)!  It is surprising how you hear so much of what is going on out the door when the noise maker is off.  And it makes you realize how many have it so much worse than me. 
     After burying a friend of mine a while back it seems that death takes on more meaning as we get older and not so full of ourselves and that we will live forever.  Losing friends especially to cancer has been a major effect on my outlook for a long time now.
      I thought as I have for over a year about a former Kansan that made good and created a picture perfect life and great success.  Rory Feek.  Rory met and married a beautiful and talented lady from Indiana named Joey.  I grew to be a huge fan of the act JOEY + RORY.
     Many in my Western Music family have met and performed on stage at festivals and venues over the years and found them to be just as down to earth and Christian as they appear on their videos and TV show.  It had been a goal of mine to meet them someday and try to get them on a show here in Kansas with some of our friends.
     This will not happen now.  Joey suffered for over a year with cervical cancer and we lost here at about the time I checked out of the hospital.  I had still been praying for a miracle while being in there for her not me.  Now I have to pray for the friends, family, and fans that have to trust in God's plan that he has for all of us.
      I am not one that grieves for celebrities like many people do I grieve for a friend I never had the chance to make.  Maybe that means that as a cowboy I am not that tough anymore but I get choked up and a tear when I read the condolences that are coming out.  But then I am not proving to anyone who or what I am.
     Life is short and many, especially the young, don't get it that what you do will effect you way sooner than you can expect.  I have thought this since I started cutting youngsters out of wrecked cars in 1974.  Closeness to death gives an in your face lesson on what it is.  So many do not recognize what they may have just been spared and others just did.
     I treasure the life and the gift that Joey Feek gave the world in beauty, grace, talent, and faith.  I have the chance to offer my opinions and try to give a thoughtful opinion when I do.  I am hoping that you will take the time to get to know Joey + Rory and understand what we have lost.
     Joey had three goals before she died, to have her father give his life to Christ, to make it to Christmas for her daughter Indiana, and make it to Indiana's second birthday.  She made all three, God is good. 
      There are many things that will be said and all I know is that Joey was on loan and God let us have her as long as he needed for her to fulfill her destiny. 
     I hope when you all are facing your toughest times that there are friends and family to share your burden.

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