Sunday, March 20, 2016


                      SIDE, FOR GOD IS ALWAYS RIGHT
                                                     Abraham Lincoln

     This time in history we are at a point that the actual meaning of our country's standing is in doubt.  There is dissension on all sides and the political process is starting to pay the dividends that has been invested in it for many years, and those who would see our place in the world changed and our way of life altered.
     The anger that is brewing is coming to a head and the actions of many people are not what they were raised to do or what they should be.  Real concern is straining the fabric of our nation.  The trouble is that there is deliberate stirring of a pot of dissension and the dividing of the nation from all sides. 
     And it is just as it was planned.  Since the 1920's the blueprint for what we are going through was published and again in the 1930's it was again published and predicted.  Through the deliberate re-versioning of history and discounting the intellect and intention of the founding fathers their wisdom has been erased. 
     It has only been through the efforts of historians who break the mold of the establishment.  Authorities that use the same tactics that the medical profession did for hundreds of years to nullify their advances, that free thinkers and researchers had done. 
     The same tactics and vitriol are used to disgrace and discredit those who would speak the obvious.  Yet the world has seen this before.  And if free thinking men and women do not seek the truth and stand fearlessly for it we will be set into a generations long period of darkness.
     Any lesson that we should learn through the Easter season is that right will in the end prevail.  Evil will have it's time.  The Israeli people have seen this for thousands of years.  Follow what God sets forth and when they didn't they were destroyed and bound into slavery and servitude.  When the generations pass away that caused the wrath the truth is found again.
     We can only do what our conscience tells us is right.  We need to put the anger behind us, stand and speak the truth clearly, and take the abuse that will be thrown our way.
     If we cannot learn one thing from the season and the greatness of our God and Savior is that things will be alright if we put our trust in them and do the right thing.
      We know that the people of Isis that believe they are bringing about the end times, we all know that that time is known only to God.  No religion, country, leadership, strategy, or anything that mankind can do will out guess what God has told us all along.
     Whatever happens in this political season it is up to each of us to be on God's side.  Those who are not will be allowed to act as they will for a time and then they will pay for their path.
     I am more than certain that the righteous path and supporting the Constitution, is the proper path.   GOD BLESS THE USA!

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