Wednesday, March 9, 2016


                                                  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

     As a society we have been under increasing sickness that has taken the greatest nation of the world to a level of behavior that is beyond what the most patriotic citizen could have imagined just thirty years ago.  From the beginning this 'perfect' union has been a work in progress.  So many for their own agendas delight in the changes that have been occurring. 
      It is no secret that anything man creates is imperfect.  And the concept of a self governing people is a concept that never gained any foothold in world history before we became the United States.  We have had blemishes from the start.  The inadequacies that as a nation have been committed over the last 200 years is a slow learning process. 
     In the fact that the country was taken from indigenous people is a sorrowful part of the story is self evident, yet the history of all civilization is full of such tragedies.  Thousands of lives were butchered in the Civil War that goes even deeper than just the end of slavery, yet we paid the price.
      The industrial revolution was created on the backs of immigrant labor and vast natural resources that unharnessed an economy that would not be duplicated in any other fashion.  The ongoing fact that many super huge corporations have lost the face of the human element is a scourge on a society.
      In the face of what is wrong many take the advantage of destroying what is right to punish what is wrong.  The gripe that politicians and bureaucrats have on the government have allowed the destruction of what that simple document guaranteed us all.
      It has allowed for the education of our citizens to be diminished and the truths and fundamentals are clouded by the many isms that seek to be in control.  Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Humanism, and Agnosticism. 
      It has been my lament that since the 1980's I have not been able to vote for the candidate for president that I preferred.  Both parties have been taken over by those who feel that the country cannot be trusted to the common everyday person.  And they have gone out of their way to accomplish this.
     There is a backlash that is happening and it is pleasing to me to the point that it is even being manipulated by those who would be in control.  There is an anger in the land.  It is not exclusive to either party, there is enough rotten on all sides that they are now threatened.
     But the anger that is building in this country is concealing the first chance we have had to take control of things in decades.  And that anger is being turned on us.
     I do not ever remember making a good decision when I was angry and I am afraid that the country is about to make the same mistake.  Maybe anger works for WSU Basketball but it is not good for politics.
\     When a candidate makes his followers take a loyalty oath to his candidacy there is something very wrong, especially if you are a student of history as I am.  Notice I say student, not an authority.
     I make a pledge and take an oath to God and the Constitution.  Without either our country will fall into the chaos that has been the last 30 years.  If we do not recognize that words have meaning and when someone says that he will do something like HOPE AND CHANGE and that fundamental changes are going to be made, they mean it.
      I hope that the level headedness that the people have had during times of crisis will be found once again.  Those who expect something that they have not earned, those who are disenfranchised, those who instruct non truths and political agendas are as guilty of taking this country down as any spy that Germany, Japan, or Russia could put forth.
     There is a societal cancer that pervades this country from the school, university, state house, capital chambers, pulpit, and especially a news media that is so intent on killing the Constitution that they will cut their own throats.  We have agencies who resort to stealing the livelihoods of families in the west and control of resources by foreign companies.
     If your candidate is not saying THE CONSTITUTION and returning to one nation under God then I would suggest you examine what your really believe.  It may be too late to turn the tide.  It may come down to a constitutional convention to force the reforms in Washington that they refuse to do.  Non treatment has only one outcome.

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