Tuesday, March 15, 2016


                                                Albert Camus

     Respect.  Once we were all taught what respect was.  Some learned better than others.  We were mostly taught by our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and our parents.  It was reinforced by the schools and at church.  At least it was supposed to.
     In the upside down topsy turvy world that we have seen develop in the last thirty years respect seems to have been displace with my 'way and yours is stupid'.
     If you go back into the history of politics you will find that there has never been a real respect for the other party in campaigns in the past.  In fact they were down right dirty.  Of course there were no sensitivities at the time and outrage always seems to be the common denominator.
     So it is down right luxurious when you find that campaign that involves civility and gentlemen (women) and common sense.  So why can't the presidential races become about statesmanship and ideas?
     Apart from the old factors of power, greed, lying, cheating, and stealing, there is the factor that the founders put as not an official branch of government but as still a factor in the course of events, the Media.
     There is a lot of talk, wailing and gnashing of teeth about special interests and political pacts.  But the question must be asked, who makes the most money and profits from dissention, special interests, and self interests in today's politic?  Of course, the news media.
     The relevance of the media is changing and the word 'Press' has taken a new meaning and it was difficult for judicial concepts and Constitutional guarantee's to define what the Press is now that it is off paper and into electronic form.  Even the Press itself has had a hard time adapting to todays world.
      The fact that you are even reading my opinions is something that a few years ago would not happen except when an editor saw fit to print a letter.  The concept of Blogging was something that the most astute professor of journalism could not have seen coming.  But then those in ivory towers are generally the last to see ahead.  The old guard has as it's perceived position the duty of protecting the status quo.
     I agree with those who believe that in the Presidential contests and the state of the party system that we are looking at 1968 this year.  I agree that those who do not base their opinions and actions to the founding principles of this nation are going to contribute to the downfall.  Even when they are rebelling against the perceived wrongs in the system.
      If there has ever been a time to set down with the family and read from two things together, it is now.  That being the Bible and the Constitution.  If the respect is not learned together and handed down together what hope have we to remain what President Reagan called "that shining city on a hill".

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