Tuesday, May 15, 2012


     In order that there be a degree of credibility in the diverse opinions I espouse, there needs to be a moment of correcting mistakes.  This means I have to plead to being human and making mistakes.  Luckily I have a good friend that is quick to point out my goofs and does it in a kind way.
     In at least two blogs recently I talked about a group that is conected to the KANSAS SAMPLER FOUNDATION.  I have called them the Kansas Travelers.  Why?  Brain fart.
     The proper name of the group of Kansas rural and small town enthusiasts is THE KANSAS EXPLORERS CLUB.  They are hoping their membership tops the 5000 mark this year.  It is not just a fun group to belong to, they put their money and time where their mouth is.  They even have their own greeting.
     How many times have you said to someone or heard it said, HOW DID YOU END UP IN KANSAS?  I have heard it too many times and have been guilty of it when I was young and knew everything.  The inferiority complex that Kansas residents has is almost as big as the Texas pride complex.
     It is so bad that the City of Wichita had a training session for cab drivers to try and get the first contact that visitors make to here is a good one.  Attitude is a large part of how happy you are and where you are.  It is amazing that people come to Kansas and see what we all take for granted, and are delighted.
     If you were to lay out the good vs. the bad in Kansas, the good will out weigh the bad everytime.  Especially if you have a good and upbeat attitude.  If you  are determined to be miserable that is fine.  Just keep it to yourself, the rest of us have lives to live.
     I am involved in a lot of things and the economic development and health of our state is a big part of it.  I am always amazed at how many of the people involved in tourism, economic development, and chambers of commerce, are returned Kansans or new Kansans.  They seem to see what the lifers miss.  And they have such enthusiaism for their new homes and communities.
     Many areas will let their heritage and assets slip away while another community down the road is fully celebrating theirs.  It is too easy to destroy a historic property and put up a metal shed if there is no vision.  There is a town in our region that will soon tear down a historic building because their is a lack of vision in the community to turn it into an asset.  When it comes down there will be something built there that will totally not fit into the town character.  Once the building is gone it is gone.
     So when I make a mistake I hope it will be recieved in the original intent.  Boy I feel better.  Confession is good for the soul.

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