Thursday, May 24, 2012


     THOU SHALT NOT COVET.  Do you recognize this?  If you do lets look at what is happening today in our state, nation, and world.  The commandment is often overlooked or applied incompletly as prohibiting the coveting of your neighbors wife.  Convieniently this is glossed over and the coveting has become a major component of politics and modern thought.
     Eduardo Saverin is a man who migrated (legally) from Brasil and became a naturalized citizen.  Taking advantage of our basic concept of freedom to achieve and excel, Eduardo became a Co-Founder of Facebook.  Like many from England and other countries who used to have oppressive taxing structures he left with his money and located where the taxing is more lienient.
     Some have demonized him as being un patriotic.  Hold it!  People are leaving California and New York and going to states that are more friendly to business people like Florida and Texas.  Are they unpatriotic?  Many major corporations have left the country for taxation, are they unpatriotic? 
     History has shown us that inovation and progress comes from individuals and not government mandates.  We now have the open hostility of political parties, individuals, and organizations that feel that what is won by one, should be taken and given to those who don't.
     Where does this come from?  "To those that have too those who need",  the Communist Manifesto, Carl Marks, and on and on.  We are being taught in schools, on TV and Radio, Newspapers, and even by our neighbors to hate those who are at the top of the income class and want to take away from them.  Yet many of those still want to achieve that status.
     Do many rich people not contribute to others?  Some do, some don't, it is still an individual choice.  There is a passage that also says that "to whom much is given, much will be expected".  I fail to see how myself or you are in charge of making this happen.
     When you hate someone for what ever reason you hurt yourself, your neighbor, and the whole concept of freedom.  When you covet whatever another has you harm yourself and society.
     Is there fairer ways to fund government and take care of those who cannot?  Yes there is.  Is there the will to make the changes that will do this?  Not in Washington.
     This is a country that grew through great difficulty and is still in the process.  This country is still the one that everyone wants to come to.  Even when they hate us.
     There is a personal choice that each of us has to make.  Will we live by our beliefs or have someone else provide them for you?  Will you take the basic fairness and comprehension that we are charged with as human beings?  Or let someone lure you to give up your freedom so they can be in a place of power over you and your thinking?
    One of the most respected peace leaders in history was asked one time about Christianity.  "I think that Christianity is a wonderful thing and I may consider being one, if I ever met a real one",- Ghandi.
     I cannot be considered one of that top level income people by any means.  I have a rich life but it is not monetary.  I hope to someday be able to earn more by my various interests including these Blogs.  Yet in every endevor you have to create your credibility, work at your craft, and learn everyday of your life.
     I do not covet the things that the top people in the income brackets have.  There are many things I would like to do in that position.  But I am not willing to sell my soul for them, or hate those who do.  I have many friends from the entire spectrum of society and find that people are people.  Some are better than others.  But I refuse to hate someone over what they possess.

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