Tuesday, May 22, 2012


     I had a rare chance to attend a small music festival sponsored by my friends 3 TRAILS WEST.  They are a cowboy band from the Kansas City Kansas area and really talented musicians.  I have never been to Lake Clinton which is south west of Lawrence.  Since I was outing a camper I had just bought, I took the senic route up US 50 highway to Strong City and then jumped north past our only national park the Z Bar Ranch to highway 56.
     I enjoy the state highways when I can take them rather than the interstates because you get to see such great country and all the small towns still hanging on.  And a few that haven't.  With a little more moisture this year everything was lush and green.
     I have not gotten to take part in music festivals for several years because of health problems.  I go and OD on the music.  I was really surprised to find out what a rich music culture the Northeast part of Kansas has.  And the quality of the talent is outstanding.  It is going to be an undertaking to get everyone listed with the Kansas Rural Entertainment Network that we are starting thru the Kansas Sampler.
     I are hoping to provide a list of entertainers that have been vetted so those buying talent have a base line of quality assurance.  In turn we also hope to list all venues and talent buyers for the artists.
     Of course the best part of festivals is the jamming that goes on in the campground.  On friday night it went until 3am for some.  By 8 am the music was starting again and went all day.  Everyone played out around 1 am Sunday morning.
     Going up there I knew only the 3 Trails West guys.  I came home with a whole new group of friends.  This is the flavor that our radio stations and the mainstream music industry totally loses and ignores.  People have wide and varied music tastes and talent.  In these settings you can enjoy what you really love and not what a corporation from Japan or the Netherlands dictates.  It was a sad day when Nashville sold out.
     It is a great thing that people can still get together in a family setting and play music all day and night and decide what they like.  Now I am setting my goal for the main event, yes, the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield.
     Se ya at the Land Rush!

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