Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is a departure for me to do another Blog this close to my last, BUT.   
       I am always amazed at how a vocal minority can bully the American people.  And I am always disappointed when someone who should stand up and tell them to take their attitude and share it with people who care, don't.  Very seldom do I do a post and directly name who I am talking about.  I try to cover general topics that all either can share or ignore.  But I am going to name a group right now.
     The Reno County Kansas County Commission.  Traditionally most all counties start their meetings with a prayer offered by a local minister.  Very often it is rotated among the various churches in their areas.  But Reno County has knuckled under to a small vocal group of activists and will stop the practice.  They will let anyone say their own prayer silently.
     "If you will not stand and recognise me in front of man then I will not recognise you in front of my Father"  If you don't know who said this look it up.
     Many Constitutional scholars over the centuries have taken the simple logic of the First Amendment and interpret it as intended.  To avoid the creation or recognition of a state religion.  This comes from the colonies history with the Church of England.  It takes a drove of lawyers and adversaries of the Constitution to take it otherwise.
     This is a nation that still has the Ten Commandments on display in the chambers of the Supreme Court.  We still have IN GOD WE TRUST on our money.  We have the traditions of trusting to providence so many times in history when we should have been destroyed.
     It is fashionable to attack religion.  But other religions that are 'tolerated', have in their basic beliefs that they should enslave or kill the unbelievers.  We have even a Supreme Court Justice who has stated that Sharia Law should be tolerated in the US.
     I do not believe that the American people have become so decadent, have lost all beliefs and morals, that they will tolerate more attacks on our fundamental beliefs.
      I do not have the hubris to even presume the judgement that many people will face someday.  I am fearful enough for my own.  But it will be a sad day for so many people that learn the truth too late.
      We still send our young to war while old men and women send them.  The hope of the citizen and the mother and fathers, is that the cause be just, that the young are sacrificed in good cause.
      It may be the politically correct thing to do to step aside for a few bullying people.  But the electors of the Reno County Commission have been let down by those who are to represent them.

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