Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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     Now I know that the apologist in charge has declared that we are no longer a Christian country.  But in spite of the fact that we are and our whole national experiment is based on Judeo/Christian principles, I will dismiss the statement along with the one on how the Muslims were an integral part in the formation of this country.  That is if you discount Jefferson getting fed up with them and sending our Navy and Marines to kick ass at THE SHORES OF TRIPOLE.
     There will be many sermons and stories, movies and books, that tell the story of the Passion and death of Christ.  But how many will actually bring the fact that Christians and others are being tortured and killed around the world bringing the fact that religion is not just going and setting in a building now and then.
     The fact that the lessons are supposed to be lived in every day lives and in business is many times forgotten.  Brings to mind the movie lines from the Godfather that "I want you to know it was not personal, it was just business." 
      It has been said that it will take blood on our streets to realize the price that is paid to be faithful.  Yet it has happened and just shrugged of as work place violence.  And how many pursue the persecution of peoples of faith in the law and society?  And treat those as ignorant, superstitious? 
      Where is the word from the pulpit and press that we have had war declared on us since the 8th Century and we refuse to treat it as such?  How can the country survive that allows its borders to be porous, treat those who come illegally as having rights, and letting citizens fend for themselves in an environment of being under siege?
      How can a government run the debt up so badly that there is no chance to pay it off and yet still print worthless paper and give it to our enemies?  And how can we survive when the whole world goes off the dollar standard and we now have nothing? 
     We only know that evil is rampant in the world.  We also know that the only way out is to turn back to the one who has kept this country free and allowed us to be the beacon of good to the whole world.
      A friend reminded me that this experiment we call America is always one vote away from Communism.  We are also only 20 minutes away from anarchy.  Lets pray that by changing our lives back to the right path that the example may lead others and that God won't get fed up with us and turn his back and allow us to be taken into slavery as he did his people in the old days.

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