Thursday, March 19, 2015



      Madness, madness, sheer madness!  It is the time when every would be sports expert or has been, goes mad.  Game after mind numbing game.  The names, background, pedigree, personality, the next NBA star.  It all makes a great background to nap in. 
     I have heard that some people use a 'white noise' machine to be able to sleep.  Well the NCAA & NIT has to be the ultimate white noise.  Work is an after thought and it is statistically the busiest time of the year for vasectomy's.  This so the patient can be off work recovering during the tournaments.  Which I am sure is a relief to the spouse.
     No don't get me wrong.  I to look forward to the Kansas teams playing.  The Big 12 and WSU.  But I have never seen so many schools that I have never heard of.
     The best part of course is that it diverts the attention from all the news about the world falling apart, the government spying on you, and if you deny Al Gore and his ranting's your are a flat earther and deserve to boil in your own fat.
      Really the best part is that the only mention of the Commander in Chief is when he fills out his brackets.  You won't see him shooting hoops and not sinking any baskets til it is over.
      I am mad because at the end of the month I turn 60.  Now I was just 30.  Let this be a lesson to you youngsters, inside every old man is a punk wondering just what the hell happened!
      Actually I am happy because no one expects me to like what passes for music today.  And if my pants hang low, I have a real problem.  And it is not much prettier than what your showing.  And one more thing.  Us old guys know how to wear a cap and what it is for besides advertising for John Deere.

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