Monday, March 23, 2015



     Ok, I seem not to be that impressed with sports.  I just am interested in what catches my attention, like all teams Kansas and Big 12.  I just try to see the importance in light of the real things in the world.  March Madness is a time that is over abundant of what is interesting, but not important.
     However, I will say that I enjoyed the Wichita State and KU basketball game.  Not only for the whupping that KU took but that the insufferable attitude that KU has had for Wichita for so many years.
      I am going to be interested now how KU folk are going to complain about the Wichita Fans being mean like they do about K-State fans.  I try to tell them that they are not mean, you all just don't have a sense of humor.  It would not be such a big deal about Wichita booting KU out of the tournament had it not been about the attitude displayed over the years.
     Now don't get me wrong I am a fan of Coach Self and the KU Basketball team and love watching them.  And I like K-State also.  I like to see all Kansas teams go out and represent the state in a good light.  As far as I am concerned the WSU & KU game was the finals.  The rest is just interesting.
      But when KU can play exhibitions with Division 2 Kansas teams and not play Wichita that is just getting snooty.  Wichita State suffers from this image of 'Hillside High'.  Yet it is world class in many of the offerings it has and unique programs you cannot get at the other big 2 schools.
      Part of this is the lack of a football team and taking it's place in the full rounded university concept.  The heart went out of the whole institution and part of the community when the plane crashed in the Rockies.  The culmination was the ending of a program that was not on a winning basis for years.  Yet the only two sports that pay for all the other sports in the University setting is the Basketball and Football programs.  That is why the salaries are so high for coaches.  The program raises the money and it is not the tax money that is used for that.
     If I can have a dream about sports it would be that not only would the 3 Kansas schools play together, but I would love to see Jerry Kill come from Minnesota State and restart a winning WSU Football program.
       We all need dreams.

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