Friday, March 13, 2015


                           HONESTY, AND GENEROSITY."
                            Standing Bear - Lakota

     Now I am going where angels fear to tread.  It is dangerous enough to discuss politics in todays politically correct society.  But I am about to talk about some thoughts on religion.
     I took a 4 year course that was actually college level once studying the bible.  The teacher was brilliant and more qualified than any professor I had ever known.  He had real world practice of living his faith in a world where it is very difficult.  His insights were so fascinating to me because it incorporated as much history as scripture and he had walked the places where it took place.
     It bothers me a lot when church leaders keep buying the line that Islam is a peaceful religion and try's to compromise with it.  Having read the Koran it is apparent that it has nothing to do with peace.  Actions speak louder than words and all you have to do is see the news to understand that it is not.
     Were the Islamists truly peaceful there would be a moderate majority decrying and condemning the radicals.  There would be a reformation movement to grow out of the 8th Century into the modern world.  Do not forget that many of the radical leaders and many followers were educated in university settings and many are professionals in their former lives.
     I do not understand the women's rights movement not coming to the aid of their sex in the exploitation and disgraceful treatment at the hands of these society's.  The rampant pedophilia should give away what the religion truly is and who they worship.  It is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  When the population accepts that the truth is a lie and the lie is right, it can only be one entity and that is Lucifer himself.
     I fully believe that Mohamed was the first Anti Christ.  And I have clerics that agree with me.  What bothers me is that while Christians are being crucified, beheaded, and slaughtered many denominations are still set to dispute doctrine from their viewpoint.
      It disturbed me when the Pope walked into a mosque and prayed.  The firestorm that people who just don't accept the papal authority went wild with judgment and hate.
     The more I think about it it makes more sense if you ask yourself how Jesus handled things in his time.  He infuriated the Sanhedrin, Pharisee's, Sadducees, and all authority in the Jewish hierarchy.  They were outraged that he associated with tax collectors and other sinners.  He would thwart their thoughts by giving answers in parables.  He was a man of peace and yet recognized authority when it was just.
     He gives the example of the Good Sheppard leaving the 99 to find the one lost lamb.  And there is more rejoicing in Heaven over one lost soul reclaimed than the righteous.
     God gave man the ability to question and think.  Also freedom of choice.  He asks for faith in him but does not require it.  He gave Ten Commandments for mankind to live by, and man complicates it with scores of rules imposed on others.
      The end of days is foretold in the apocryphal books and yet the signs of the end times have always been with us and still are today.  The Islamist militants believe that they are provoking the Armageddon and will continue to try and create it.  This makes the world nervous.
     And as the frustration of the governments seeming lack of action to thwart evil in the world it has been forgotten that leadership is best accomplished by example.  The Evil Empire was brought down by it's own weight, and the might of the US military, coupled with a leader who projected the strength that made them believe he would use it.
     I read an address by Franklin Graham that made the point as to what the difference is between God and the deity that Islam cites.  'Paraphrased', "God does not need defending.  He does not require man to murder, rape, enslave, and destroy to do his work".  A faith that has to do this is only left with one entity that they defend and that is the Evil One.  The history of Islam has been continual war since the 8th Century.  The culture that once excelled in science, art, poetry, and maintained the largest libraries in the world has been hijacked on those bent on the destruction of all else.
     Do not Judge or be Judged is the line from scripture.  Christians of all denominations need to come back together and stop the infighting and hatred among themselves. I do not feel as threatened about the Pope making the effort to reach out as I once was.  I am more threatened by those who take their eyes from the journey to conflict with each other.

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