Friday, May 8, 2015


                                     Karl Popper

     How many times do we have to be burnt before we stop doing stupid things?  A few years back houses in Florida had to be stripped of all wall board because the cheap Chinese board was so full of Formaldehyde that it was making people sick.
     Dogs across the country were getting sick and their livers damaged and many died because of contaminated Gluten filler in dog treats 'made in China'.  Lumber Liquidators are caught up in a controversy that the flooring 'made in China' has many times the deemed legal limit of Formaldehyde being given off.
      Do we see a common thread here?
      Many 'Dollar' canned foods especially mushrooms, shrimp, fish, and more are imported from China or the Pacific Rim.  I find these products poor in quality and not acceptable to feed myself or anyone else.  At a fish fry that I was involved in several years ago we always used a wholesale supplier for catfish.  The last year I helped the supplier switched the American product for Chinese.  It might have been fish but it was rubbery and it never did cook right.
     There is no problem with making a profit that is what fuels the economy and the standard of living that we enjoy in this country.  And since we support the world it is how they enjoy prosperity also.  But there has to be ethics involved.  If we as a people want products of poor quality and cheap prices that is what will be provided.
     If we as individuals and as a nation insist on quality and safety in our products it will be provided.  No company can stay in business by not catering to the desires of the consumer.
     Using slave labor is always a cheap way to produce and by supporting the nations that use slave labor or underpaid labor they will be happy to do so.  Are we so hard up as a nation that a few pennys more for quality is a problem?  I have always found that 'cheap' is always the most expensive.
     We would not have companies going overseas if we would make a conscious effort to buy American and demand that the products used in our behalf are quality and fairly produced.
      Many retailers have told me that it is nearly impossible to find American made products.  Yet I investigated opening a Made in America store and found all kinds of products available.  And, big surprise, many of them were cheaper that the Chinese made products of the same type.
     All we have to have is an ATTITUDE change and just STOP IT DANG IT!  Amazing what can be done with attitude.  Then maybe we can adopt an attitude with our elected officials and government.

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