Friday, May 29, 2015


                                     Samuel Goldwyn

     Well it has been expected by many of my readers for a long time.  It also has been wanted in some form by my detractors.  It has taken a long time to try and get this into words and I am still not sure I can get it right.  But here it goes.
     It is well known that I have been a critic of politicians in general and mistakenly that I am a supporter of Republican politics.  Those who seem to be on one side or the other read in assumptions as to their position.
      I have stated before that I have to register as a Republican in my county if I want to vote.  The number runs roughly 95% R to 5% D.  So the primary is when most of our offices are actually elected.  The local Democrat Party just does not run people in many positions.
      This fact does not mean I am enamored with the Republicans.  Hearing the positions that the Democrats take in the larger picture I cannot support them and I find the Republican party run by a lot of self serving pompous ass's.  The way the party's are run leaves the average person out of the loop in general.
      One of my readers prompted me as to when I was going to express my opinion on Gov. Sam Brownback and the mess that the Kansas Legislature is in.  Others are wanting me to say the Democratic opponent should have been elected.  Wait just a minute!
     I am not happy with Gov. Brownback's job in the statehouse.  I have tried to give him all the benefit of a doubt as I can.  As to his opponent, I have to tell the Democrat party that they blew the election.  Picking a name that I had not heard before (I am not a big statehouse watcher) to be the candidate and running the name that is known and respected around the state as the Lt. Gov. was plain silly.  Had it been a Docking - Brownback race the results would have been different.
     The Legislature, I have always said, is safer when not in session is proving to be true.  I was a critic of the Educational Finance system when it was first put into place.  I was also critical of the lawsuits filed twice to try and change the system.  How many dollars were wasted on lawyers and court?
     But as big a critic of things as they were I have never understood how this two year block program is any better.  I have never seen money taken out of budgets during the year.  All school districts are in critical mode and many more communities are losing schools.  This seems to be a back door method of further consolidation and changing of boundary lines.
     Even though both parties have campaigned in the past about fiscal responsibility the last two Governors took funds from the Highway funds to cover other areas.  This Governor said he would stop that practice.  But one of the first things that happened was money taken out of the highway fund. 
     This state cannot even build a highway unless it is broken up in 5-10-or 12 mile segments.  But they stand on the report of Kansas having the second best roads in the nation.  How can you be proud of the fact that the nations roads, bridges, and infrastructure are falling apart and will soon reach a critical mass.  We are second best of the worst!
     I can go on and on but the political mess sickens me and I have not even gotten out of the state to the Feds yet.  I have to stop and get my blood pressure back down.  Let's boil it down to POLITICS STINK.  And as long as voters do not try to do their homework and blindly follow the dictates of the leaders of the parties to support things that are not part of the values that we as a nation aspire to.  We are going to see our liberties taken and more and more money sucked out of our pockets and wasted.

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