Saturday, May 23, 2015


                                     Leonardo Da Vinci

     Normally you would write an article to fall on the date of a holiday so it would be timely.  Most people do, and many do it because it is just the timing, and it joins the theme of the moment.
     I wanted my thoughts to come out afterward because there are so many that are sincere for the moment or just paying lip service.  I want the thoughts on the sacrifice that our forefathers and military have paid so we can respect, and disrespecting, can be done.
     It is a shame that the political climate is such that the government can create distrust of the one group that take the protection of the Constitution seriously.  When Generals and Admirals are force to retire if they do not tow the political line things have gotten out of hand.
      There is a move to suspend the budget cuts of the military because they have had to shrink down to dangerous levels.  It makes no sense that a huge exercise to train for Martial Law in the United States starts in July.  It has made the biggest supporters have doubts on what the purpose of Jade Helm actually is.
      Many experts see no use for the training except for the purpose of it being used here.  The trust is the direct result of the direction that Washington has taken with all of our business.  The listing of everyday citizens on the terrorist watch list, as opposed to the 'radical extreme Muslims', makes many people distrustful.
      The extreme stories of the ultra conservative media works with the ignoring of the regular mainstream media in relevant stories work together to create the atmosphere of mistrust.
      If there is one more Senator or government spokesman that says you will have to pass this bill to see what is in it I am going to scream.
      We have a hero and his unit dies trying to do good during an earthquake and it ends with the weekly news cycle.  The person who robs a store and attacks a cop now is getting a permanent monument, this is beyond ignorance it is plain stupid.
      When a Mayor thanks the Crips & Bloods for their 'service' during a riot, and the same mayor holds back the police (to give the crowd room to destroy) is beyond comprehension.
      The men and women who have given their lives and those who come home crippled, have paid to dear a price to be taken for granted.  Those police and firefighters who stand between anarchy pay the price daily so we can go about our lives and read about the problems rather than experience them.
       Without those who sacrifice with honor for those who respect, and more for those who despise, we would be a bleak and lost society. 
      Beware those who pledge to fundamentally change our country.  The alternative is not anything we would like. When God was removed from our society what do you think the alternative is?

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