Thursday, May 7, 2015


                                           Theodore Roosevelt

     What has education come down to that it is acceptable to blame a promoter of free speech for the attack on it?  The leaders of Islam have put a hit out on the promoter of the cartoon competition in Garland Texas.  Since two radicalized Muslim terrorists attacked the event there are those on MSNBC, CNN, and other leaders and media people who believe that there should be no right to exercise that right.  Would these people agree to place the United States under Sharia Law? 
      Who teaches that the Constitution is only valuable when you agree with it?  When did the actual words of the Constitution become incomplete and only used when lawyers and courts inject into it what is not there?
      Specifically, it is in the Constitution that if a subject is not mentioned specifically it becomes States Rights.  Why are courts continually overturning what has been voted on in a state and nullify it when there is nothing in the document that specifically addresses it?
      When officials from the very top on down ignore what the Constitution says, and takes the view that it is an enemy, it is time to take them down and put people there who take an oath and actually uphold it.
       Now our former Attorney General and his replacement have said they would ignore the law and follow the direction of the President.  More and more officials disregard the law and there is no one to prosecute or bring them to their duty.  When it is said in open and plain talk that the Federal Government needs to take over all policing why would anyone not be incensed?  It is distressing that one of my Senators voted to approve the new AG even when she says she will not enforce the law.
      What is coming out of Universities and those who set standards for education scares the hell out of me.  Education is becoming a joke and the good teachers who fight to do the right thing are prevented from doing so.  I am afraid that the ones who set the curriculums at all levels have used personal agendas and the goal is not students who are taught to learn and think but to accept what is fed them and go along.
      It is easy to look across the fields and hills and be lulled into thinking that all this discord worldwide does not affect me.  But the reality is that in some way what is going on will eventually affect us all.
      There are those who want to dictate how all agriculture is conducted, take the right of the property owner away, take the right to be secure in your own home and in your communications, and those who would dictate what and how much you can earn.  And if you cannot earn that it should be taken from those who do.
     What will it take for this country to return to the standards that made it the leader of the world?  Education?

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  1. Roger: Our national attorney general has sworn to uphold the Constitution. She did exceptional work in her previous legal work - no sign of evil. I think you are getting your information from alarmist groups. I want to tell you that our president is not ignoring the Constitution - but from what you have written today and earlier, it is clear to me that I will not convince you of that fact. The Garland event is terrible. But there have always been limitations on free speech - you can't yell "Fire!" in a theater, even if there's a fire. If you are worried about our education system, please don't rely on your internet sources. Visit a school. Visit a college. I think you will find that almost every single teacher and professor is doing his/her level best to teach the content of their courses as well as the values of compassion and wisdom. That's one reason I just ran (and got elected) for school board Salina - our schools and our teachers are great, and we need to fund them well unless we are ready to abandon the children.