Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Wit is educated insolence."

      I am tired of the advertising agencies throwing loud nonsensical and irritating advertising at us every time we turn on the television.  Contrary to the 'rule of thumb' that we remember product names when the advertising is stupid and loud.  I do and avoid them.  The law was supposed to go into affect last year that advertising cannot be played at higher decibel levels than regular programing.  Well if that is all the better that they can enforce the law then quit sending in your taxes.  Works for Al Sharpton.
     I am so tired of advertisement's for things I don't even understand.  And if you think I am going to buy a car from the morons on TV you just don't know me.  I will go out of my way not to use products and services from companies that assume we are all idiots.
     Tell me how we are going to "save money" from these insurance companies when we don't know what the savings is from?  I am sure not going to buy insurance from a bad comedian wearing an apron.
     The electronic games that the kids from 5 to 25 insist on playing rather than talking to you look like the bad Japanese cartoons that I would not watch when I was a kid.  I don't see what the rating level has to do with oversexed, horrible creatures, and demonic characters, has to do with entertainment.
     It seems that there are only a few ads that really are cleaver and make us laugh.  Those few ad agencies seem to get that good will sells.  The others are looking for their next bag of Mary Jane.  I think many of them have moved to Crack.
     Maybe this brands me as an old goat but the shows that I really enjoyed are not made anymore.  If I want to waste my time watching one more program that confronts my values I will turn it off.  A good book beats the hell out of the night time soaps, propaganda, and pure moronic story lines.
     I don't know who they poll to see what works but it is not me.  Maybe they don't want to know what I think?  So much for accuracy.


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